Georgiana Transition Service Journal

This is a journal of my visions for Georgiana Burt's transition service for the living, December 28, 2003. People gathered in California, while I attended remotely. This is in addition to my journal from December 19-25 (see the plain text version or the same text with small graphics from the movie inserted or the movie of my visions). I've edited the journal a little, but it contains many unexplained personal references and many sentences are not complete.

12/28/2003 The glassy bands channeling for total saturation (down arrows). D chant rooted in earth, rising to above, as A as in DaaaaaA. Light UV (ultraviolet) neon light, whole top of head and surround.

Cat scan waves of are you ready, willing, open, and harmless. Ultimate Bodhisattva is Georgiana purifying and vow of acceptance. How long she prepared is measured by total surgical cleanliness of her healing.

Crisscrossing hay wire stix of life from blue UV to red UV. Don't take drugs for pain. Pain is your teacher. Being willing to accept your own healing gets beyond the vivid saturated colors to the iridescent white or clear. With galaxy green antenna or spine. Panther clan local. Tuatara clan global. Ancient lineage.

True connection is Akashic library. This is my fate. Each time I open my eyes to write, then close again to tune in, see the red, blue, magenta realm. It is the afterimage of earth colors. Also illusion band of earth. Need to traverse. In the library, formless colors with no forms make it impossible to "see" colors but am traveling, meeting, getting acquainted, introducing.

Noticed Georgiana figure in clouds in the sky, about 3:10 in the afternoon. Started taking pictures. I get direct experience of jaw clenching and its karma. My teaching is galaxy green shaft. Here and there. I might not be able to do the local family thing since we've chosen evolution as specialty. Forgot to write that galaxy green shaft hooked in earth magma center is our earth grounding, almost magnetic. Magnetic, magmanoetic, magmanoetical.

LeoElo, Ben, Mel, OMlulu, Fritz, Ever, Ev and Iver (Revi). All here for you. Fred and gma Syck (Leah) here for you. See her as librarian called visarian. No not books or eyes is the Akashic Love Pool. Let the cremation and ignition be like flaming exhaust from engines, evering all the grasping of Georgiana's body for Spirit. She is spirit totally sucked into the incredible sky painting. I feel like this is her goodbye dance to us.


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Homage to Frank and Georgiana Burt, under channeling. Georgiana's sky painting is background of season calendar for 2004.

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