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Wholeo guide to parts of the "Adept"

The Adept guide goes into the pattern and the parts of the green arc in the dome Wholeo. This is the start of the vision quest. Follow the verbal description visually in the all around view panorama, clicking the thumbnails (to pop up larger versions), and the links at the end of the page.


The only remnant of the regular camera-headed world in Wholeo is a figure. Anatomical details are greatly sacrificed to representation in big flat chunks of glass. The "Adept" (who has a genital flower to make any sex feel at home) is seated in a comfortable meditative pose with his/her head in a "Breathing Cloud." S/he's forever leaded in colors caught in the spider woman's web of leads and aluminum tubes; contemplating the images that come in answer to a question. "How do the processes of my whole self look in my mind?"

Being adept at something generally implies mastery. But a spiritual adept is in the process of becoming adept. The adept might have just started on the path. Or might not even define a path. Wholeo is a hologram relating to any degree or kind of adeptness.



To look closer at the figure of the Adept, notice Sunshine, the rainbow chaser, a tiny arched flying figure spurted from the adept's side like Christ's blood from His wound on the cross.

The adept is wearing red, yellow, and blue disks in colors to suggest physical, emotional, and spiritual natures.

The round belly body with navel at the center is a symbol of consciousness. The mind of the adept is the axis of the spinning arcs of Wholeo. Two concentric rings surround the adept with inner green and outer aqua connected with rays to the navel. The aura is a miniaturization of the environment with interaction of mind.

galaxy green

Green and Galaxy Green

The color of the background arc is primary green to the left of the adept's right and pale yellowish green to the right. This places the adept at the intersection of down to earth grass with the light of the galaxy green. However, notice the strip of galaxy green to the left of the adept, showing s/he is moving into expanding consciousness in the light of the galaxy. This green reappears in other areas of Wholeo. Notably in Rebirth/Dawn, Death End/Dusk, the tip of the Arrow, vibes of Zap, and Spring, Creation.


The pineal gland of intuition is way up from the green arc, but centered in a green fountain. It is enlarged to see the light flowing in and out of the lavender mushroom minaret shape. (See the Wonder in Aliceland book Pineal Ray and Lantern. See and interact with the Lantern movie. See also journal entries.) "I Am" says the prism to show the single-mindedness of the inner eye. It casts a full spectrum of colors. Like a sun dial, it marks the sun's passage from east to west during the day. By its position from north to south it marks the season of the year.

breathing cloud

The breathing cloud is halfway into the green and aqua arcs, adapting the adept to the atmosphere. It has waves of reflectors, air holes, prisms, cut glass, and bright colors that throw small rainbows in the fresh air to be smoked by the breather or caught. There is a small marble globe that you may turn saying, "This is the earth."

leftrightTo the right and left of the adept's green arc are two little wings of vibes in a pattern Caroling saw while "Standing on Head in Sunlight." They bring balance and a lift for ascension, tapping into the aqua arc. See candle damage.

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