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Highlighted "Standing on Head in Sunlight" panels where candles burned

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Wholeo Dome repair - candle damage

In 1982, when Wholeo Dome stood in Monte Rio, CA, someone placed two candles on the rim. The "Standing on Head in Sunlight" panels surround the Adept symmetrically, creating a natural illuminated balancing, which formed the setting. The left candle damaged the panel above it, as shown below under Before repair. The right candle must have been closer to the dome. The heat broke a dark blue piece of glass directly in the right panel. Soon after, I took the dome down, to be in storage for 22 years.

Before repair


In 2004, the panel above the left candle showed three pieces of glass cracked around the heated area. Glass fractured along the lead lines of the lower and middle panes. Above, the heat broke a hole in the glass.


The detail shows the partially cleaned area where soot from the flame blackened the glass and lead came.



I repaired the fractured pieces with "Dutchman" patches. That is, by soldering lead strips over the breaks and using putty to hold them in place. This preserves the original glass, which is antique and irreplaceable.

 The streaky translucent glass replacement for the broken piece is an intentional reminder that although smoke is beautiful in the right setting, it is out of place in Wholeo Dome.


On the left, see the effect of condensation and above when it has "burned off". Revealing transparency is a good thing!


Burning heat cracks and breaks glass. Smoky haze and soot obliterates the transparency and builds up, dirtying glass and lead. Keep anything that burns or smokes (including candles, cigarettes, and fires) out of Wholeo Dome. If you need to do repair, first save cracked glass, if possible. Replace broken glass thoughtfully. The heat of the sun is a natural environment for leaded stained glass.

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