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Sunshine, the Rainbow Chaser in the "Adept"


The Adept guide looks closer at Sunshine, the rainbow chaser. Here is a 2010 picture and an old story.

Rainbow chasing at The Farm

SunshineOn July 19, 2010, I revisited The Farm and got a new picture. See a medium or large version. I had remembered the image title as "Rainbow Catcher", a better name for the spirit in Wholeo dome. Interesting how different the colors and impression now, over 30 years from the previous photo.

How I met Sunshine

In 1972 we drove from New York to California in a U-Haul Adventure-in-Moving truck loaded with 20 stained glass panels in search of a place out of doors with good cosmic connections where I could put up a frame and finish the whole Wholeo Dome. In San Francisco, I walked past a fenced yard where rows and rows of tiny mirrors strung on lines flashed light as they blew in the wind. Entranced, I rounded a corner and knocked on the door. Inside, I met Sunshine, the Rainbow Chaser who was planning a show at the de Young Memorial Museum with the curator Lanier Graham (who published The Rainbow Book). Having a lot in common, we discussed light, color, and rainbows. I promised to finish Wholeo Dome in time for possibly being in the Rainbow Show.

I took the name of the image and the figure from Sunshine's business card. I put it into the glass panel.

July 27, 1973 journal entry: "I cycled to Forestville knowing (expecting) something very positive in relationship to my work. There was a letter from Sunshine saying the show was postponed but assuring me of my CONTACT. I need it!"

In 1974 with the last dome panel finished, I contacted Sunshine and Graham, but they did not come to see the dome or want it for the show. I forget why, perhaps it was too late. In 1975 I saw the show and realized that the dome would not have worked in the relatively dark interior of the museum. It would have been right on theme though. See the Arcs of Wholeo Dome.

This story adds to the art history pages:

San Francisco, Monte Rio, and Wholeo Dome Exhibit History.

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