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The name of the dome Wholeo and all images are Copyright Caroling 1974.

fisheye view

Fisheye lens view: here's looking at Wholeo from the middle of the floor straight up and all around 360 degrees. Or take a look around. For an overview of about 20 different parts of Wholeo, go back and go to the book. This tour has many more detailed views.

The tour starts outside the dome, then goes inside. The views start in the south, sweep the two sun paths, look to the north, and move up to the top of the dome. As you read, click on highlighted words to open related JPEG images. GIF images are generally smaller than JPEG images. For the largest, hi-resolution JPEG images, go back to the toplevel exhibit page and choose the Graphics path.

Wholeo From the Outside

"Wholeo looks small from the outside and big from the inside," said an observant child.

Views Within Wholeo

The design of Wholeo is deliberately a patchwork. Each figure serves as a ground for another figure, making a rich tapestry of visions that invites your participation.

When you enter Wholeo you see broad arcs of rainbow colors that stretch along the sun path from east to west. The earth below completes the arcs as circles.

South - the Vision Quest

In the green arc below the aqua arc, sits a person in contemplation, asking for visions of the whole self.

Sun Path - Birth, Consciousness, and Death

Close up, the person sees what is most familiar. That is the arc of birth, consciousness, and death. Birth is placed in the east near the rising sun, consciousness at high noon, and death near sunset in the west.

Views at dawn

Noon, consciousness, and death end

Beyond the Sun Path - Creation, Breathe In, and Breathe Out

North - From Essence of Being to Aura

Looking Up at Aura/Wavelengths

Looking Up - Above

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