Pineal Body

Pineal Ray

The Pineal Ray

Wonder jumps up, saying, "Hold me." The animals grab her as she leans out across the Point of Consciousness, reaching into a shaft of light.

Bear, irritated with the struggle of communicating, says, "More is involved in the Memory Bead process than I thought at first. A wiggly light is turning on and off." Wonder, Dog and Squirrel chorus, "We see." Bear continues, "It reminds me of the beacon in the brain."

Wonder beams, "I can touch it--solid light." She releases the animals' hold and leaps to the Pineal Ray. She can climb it like a ladder. When the light goes out, she falls a little, but when it goes on, she scrambles up several curves. Dog, Squirrel, and Bear join the fun. They rise through the developing fetus, which becomes visible if they show interest.

The higher they get, the higher is a certain kind of frequency, causing undiminishing radiation. It is highly directional in its magnetism compared to sunlight. Bear names it "Physical Light." Impulses and Associations are passing back and forth on the Ray, too. Impulses carry a picture of the action at the Point of Consciousness to the Pineal Body. Associations travel out through the brain.

Wonder in Aliceland, pages 70-71

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