Memory Bead

First Memory Bead

"What's happening to the Memory Pre-Beads that came with us?" squeaks Squirrel.

The Pre-Beads edge towards the Point of Consciousness. A Pre-Bead coming up with the Spirit Coil in Overlapped Phase collides with the slippery rings of another Pre-Bead and they shuffle together into one. The sound of the Center increases, enclosing them. Bear is reminded of being interviewed on a TV show with the hot glare of spotlights, shouted last minute directions and the anticipation of a crucial moment.

The unstable Pre-Beads gravitate one at a time toward the center of the overlap at the Point. At the center, the Spirit Coil speeds below a Pre-Bead, shoring it up, at the same time whirling above, compressing it intensely. The shape of the overlap and Bead reminds Wonder of the Eye of Universal Mind.

Wonder and the animals are pervaded with a light vivid field, as though sprinkled with insight. The enigmatic sentence, "Angles are close to the language of the God/desses," passes through their minds. Squirrel can feel the angles, Dog uses them and Wonder sets an angle in her heart. Bear thinks to himself, "What do angles have to do with this roundness?"

The Memory Bead is solid and well-formed. It descends on a string in the aura of the fetus.

Wonder in Aliceland, pages 68-69

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