Center of Unconsciousness

Center of Unconsciousness

Suddenly, they make room for the little furry friends who come in on a Mushroom Rib. "Squirrel! Dog! Where have you been?" blurts Wonder.

"We had a bad dream," shudders Squirrel. Bear nods.

"Listen to this," Dog interrupts, "We just get good at gliding along in the Spirit Coil, when darkness looms ahead and we're pulled in. After we get used to the darkness, I can see a bullseye, like the body of a giant spider.

Squirrel trembles, saying, "Hanging in between the 'legs' are rows of little Memory Pre-Beads."

Dog barks, "then we move along one of the 'legs'," he paws a Mushroom Rib. "I don't know what pushes us to the center. We get a tiny shock (Squirrel winces) and continue on. Then we get hung. Memory Pre-Beads are moving to center, coming apart and recombining with others."

"I'm sure we're going to die," moans Squirrel.

Dog continues, "At last our group eases out of storage. We coast on this monorail into the light. When we come around the curve and see the Funnel with the green-gold tubes and the vibe colors, we think we might be in the 'Octopus's Garden'. Then we see you."

"And that's the end of the bad dream" adds Squirrel, shivering with pleasure. "It's a good thing all Mushroom Ribs lead to the Point of Consciousness," jokes Bear. Everyone laughs delightedly.

Wonder in Aliceland, pages 66-67

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