Spirit Coil phases and consciousness structures

Spirit Coil: Phases at Point of Consciousness and Center of Unconsciousness

"It's so good to be back again," Wonder and Bear greet warmly. Together they review the rhythmic phases of the Spirit Coil.

After a long pause Bear asks, "Where are Dog and Squirrel?"

"They took off with me," shrugs Wonder.

"I hope they didn't go in there." Bear gestures to the dark area behind the Spirit Coil opposite their perch.

"I remember a pull on my way down," replies Wonder.

Bear recalls seeing a Memory Pre-Bead sail into a dark hole. He steered away from it. Being a thinker, he has developed a theory, as follows.

"Our consciousness is geared mainly to earthy manifestations, so it deals in weighty beads. Abstract thoughts relating aspects of this incarnation involve lighter, but relatively solid beads. They are easily membered! But lightweight beads get sucked in there," Bear points to where he saw the Mushroom Ribs cross, "the Unconscious. Unstable Memory Pre-Beads, the stuff of dreams and spiritual messages, float in."

"Excessive heaviness or too great a conflict in the elements may cause Pre-Beads to break up into lighter components that waft in. This material that has never been to the Point of Consciousness can be membered, with effort. What has been membered can of course, be remembered."

Wonder in Aliceland, pages 64-65

Note in 2013: need to explain the form of each phase. Left to right and top to bottom they are Enlarged, Prayer, Overlapped, and Meditation phases. Enlarged is the cylindrical coil. In the Prayer phase, the coil forms dual spheres by bringing spiral coils to focus top, bottom and at the Center of Consciousness. In the Overlapped phase, coils tighten into the center and spirals overlap in forming Memory Beads. In Meditation, the spins at center thin, lift, and concentrate, forming concave indentations in the Coil.
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