Journal on Pineal

I started keeping a journal in the mid-1970s after I finished the stained glass dome, Wholeo. Since one of the main images in the dome is the Pineal, it had entered my visions visually. The journal begins to express in words. Often those words describe visions, requiring great imagination and willingness and skill in visualizing in the reading. The following topics are in chronological order.


Pineal image doing carolyoga in Wholeo Dome, 1974

Early mention of the pineal on a trip to Peru, I AM Light June 17, 1981.

Meeting a tuatara November 9, 1996 in Wellington NZ zoo, communicating with activated pineal.

Finding a Wholeo tuatara December 23, 1996 in the Christchurch NZ library, third eye connected to spine in the graphic.

Sensing the tuatara-lizard array all over the earth.

Journal dream and dreamwork on Photobiont Dreams involves pineal action.

Pineal projecting ultraviolet light for oil and dispersant detox choice of QuickTime web or alternate (MP4).

Pineal - Sirius movie, Lookin 2011



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