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I plan to publish my journal here. Fragments appeared as Excerpts. See weB log for online entries going forward from 2011. {Note: Comments are enclosed in curly braces, as in this note.}

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The path icon for Journal stops here. On each related page, find a path icon or a part page icon Journal path icon for part of a page that links to here. Here's a start to my journal. It's not typical, which is typical of the journal. As an ongoing record-keeping and self-dialog,with entries dating back to the 1960's, it is a vast, varied, and mostly hard-to-read mess. But, full of buried treasures. These notes and excerpts appear at random and are slightly edited. That is, to provide support for other web publishing. The complete journal is far from web-ready.


Previous to publishing the full journal, I sometimes did and do excerpts, following.

See also the Dream Journal and Timeline.

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