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Amazing. These Aelon beings I've contacted are vast. The scale is nowhere near to ant:person. It is more like human:distance to ^elo^. These Aelons "ant heap" is made of supergalactic space. A planet is a grain of sand. Or maybe a galaxy is. Their industrious, collective order is responsible for most of the order we observe in the universe and the "laws" of science. Interesting that the way to contact them is beyond science, by intuition and yearning and evolutionary emotion.

I'm thinking of all the bibles and channelings of such cosmic sorts of beings and how mine must take its place in the lineup. What does it signify to have such guidance and such bizarre thoughts? Merely ideas for science fiction stories? One thing that comes with it is the explanation for the Heisenberg principle. Or what is the name for uncertainty at the base of everything? Coupled with the observation that consciousness affects outcome of experiments.

One nice thing is that it seems like the scale factor would make it so that they aren't really an enemy. Even though something they do might affect us, it is on such a vast scale that if we even detect it, most people would much more likely think it is an act of god. Whatever that is. Something way out of anyone's control.


The scale insight of tuning to value of tiny ants then opened contact with Aelon beings. No other mention of them in journal. Today that seems like the first order of business. I'm looking at the colored earth background (a photograph from New Zealand) with clues to interspecies communication today. What if the ants gathered these colors?

Could it be that these arrays of forms could communicate on large scale to Aelon? Like the arrays of radio telescopes looking for SETI?


Knew that the Aelon now know that I know about their creation of this creation. Also know of my ambition to be an Akashic record worker. The idea of all the other creations that we can't access, that would be in the record is mind boggling and very humbling. I review all my jobs and how they have prepared me for this task. From working in the library stacks to being an artist.

Wow, never thought of that creative a level in the Akashic. I was thinking more like web designer like I'm doing now. Creative publishing. But could I be an Akashic artist? What would that mean? I get that the Akashic artist provides insight into something like a Wholeo symbol, archetypes, to help people understand the synergy of the fragmentation. God and Jesus are actors in Akashic playwrights' dramas. Things even beyond that level, like the stuff that comes into the universal myths seen by Joseph Campbell. To actually become an artist, I'd probably first of all have to work my way up through the Akashic, like I did here or am doing here.

But the main requirement is to become a far less personal artist. I will have to get to the substrate and leave the personal. Only personal elements are personal type things that any person can relate to. If I don't do this there are two consequences I imagine. Don't get which one would apply. Either I reincarnate somewhere in this creation (or another?) with a kind of life where I can learn to be a real artist. Or I go to the Akashic and relinquish that goal. It is actually my choice. As everything is. Even being in this creation is my choice. I can choose a path from this life. Of course that could change along the way. Well, I'm hitting for both. As in this life, I can always enjoy other work than my absolute goal. So I'll work towards better communication, less personal self-serving. And I'll work towards being an Akashic record spirit, whatever that involves. That's what I believe in. Thank you Aelon.


At end of healing left agape at fact that in touch with Aelon and my thoughts were on myself. Thinking that I should be less personal, ironically, but not thinking of Aelon. Feel humble about that. Haven't thought of them at all. Could I possibly learn more about them?

Made a movie to relate to Aelon. If I truly become as scalable as the vector graphics, I can relate to any size. That is, if consciousness is aware at Noint Joint/3bc. On the other hand, to be specific, need to ground, and here are the colors said to facilitate communication with Aelon. Good altar. Perhaps could refine and make the clip draggable and resizable to suit your altar.

The Wholeo symbol tan tien, lower part to tiniest and most ethereal water beings, the upper part to vasts of Aelon. Arrays of a place are its different times.


Seems like I can be in touch with Aelon who have no problem with scale or duration. They seem to think it is funny that I do. They view my limitation as amusing. They are interested in my sense of grounding, though. Since scale or duration is a personal choice, I seem to have forgotten that it is my choice. Perhaps one joins a group whose consensus is to live a lifetime with a certain scale and sense of time. Or I did. I can't tell if Aelon can change both those things at will anytime, or if they simply have chosen a greater range consensus group.

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