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Web Art on New Zealand ground at the Waipoua Forest Sanctuary

On a trip to New Zealand, 1996-1997, in the Waipoua Forest, I found this many-colored ground.


You need get Flash Flash 4+ to see the Flash animation and interaction. See the Reachout beating with the zero point (base camp three, 3bc) in the design of an Elobeing. See more radiants. See the movie filling the browser page 100%. Color healings on the Waipoua page.

On this colorful patch of ground, interact with more colors. For background, see the Aelon journal topic.

Freedom of movement. Pointer is your center of attention. When the pointer is near, the Reachout follows until you stop and click to scale.

reachout drag size 1 size 2 size 3

Freedom of scale or size. You can stop and click to enlarge the Reachout 4 times. The fifth click returns.

size 4 and radiants

To bring on the color radiants, click the play play buttonbutton. If the Reachout leaves the picture, cycle through the color radiants and click the play play buttonbutton to restart.

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