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Color radiants

On the movie * above, move your pointer around or click to start a swarm of color radiants. I see them in a small, minuscule vibrating patch or orb of vivid tiny points of color sparkling or evanescing, glittering. Here are some notes on these visions from my journal.

8/7/93 Tiny concentrated dense seething minimized color broccoli. 11/28/93 Small round circle of radiants that are different rainbow-hued lubes over a light gray neutral ground. 1/13/94 Concentrated color dazzle kind with pinprick size radiants from afar. 6/28/95 One sphere, tiny, that I've seen so frequently is some kind of local event barrier. 7/1/95 Appreciate yourself as clusters of radiants with all the associations of the word radiant as a light source and extremely happy and well being. 7/15/00 Saw a huge scene filled and scintillating with color radiants. Like I'm hungry for them as color as food. I indulge as best I can. To be color active, to evolve. 10/1/00 If there is one thing to be learned from this life, it is color radiants. Radiants is us.

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