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Being - Elobeing

Elobeing Acts of the imagination are devoted to being all that you can be and bringing that to whatever you can imagine. This is particularly true for the evolutionary being, the Elobeing. There is a vision, roots, history, exhibit, and cross-references to scattered pages that introduce the Elobeing in various ways.

What to us seems like material structures (anatomy) is more like phases or process in Elobeing. A geometrical structure is a dance or gesture pattern, a trajectory, but not a container. It is not fixed; it is more active. So am I trying to make Elobeing physical? No. In conceptualizing Elobeing, we can relate to it. This is interspecies creation, a half-breed between humans and CLBs (and others).

Elobeing is a generic term. Sometimes an individual appears, that I call Elo or Elobe. As a program, the Elobeing is a virtual process and we find some instances to visit.

Meditation on evolution

map icon "Ce boop" is Caroling doing carolyoga. Every page in the Elobeing exhibit has a map icon (see lower right corner) linked to a descriptive, clickable map of the exhibit.

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