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The roots and topics of Elobeing come together in history as the design develops. See patterns. Try not to get stuck with concepts such as 'ring' or 'angel' or 'Ptah', which are incidental. Grasp a pattern or theme, for example, with flybys, see an animated spirit that consciously and expressively moves a disk-like shape with wing or flag-like members. Keep any associations with those patterns tentative and non-binding. They are only useful poetically or evocatively, not categorically.

What about the motive? Why choose flying as an evolutionary design ability? I don't know. I accept the designs that seem to come by intuition. They are compelling and internally consistent, building a detailed system.

Topics are the top level organization in this Elobeing history section. Each topic is chronological so you can see how it came to me. That does not necessarily imply that later is better or more complex or more final. Sometimes I might see the overall picture and later see details of how it came to be that way. Also, some visions are alternatives that don't fit the whole and drop out along the way. Yet they are worth looking at either in themselves or for the future.

Evolution of consciousness began in the late 1960s and is a root and an ongoing topic. But the being is relatively new. The history of Elobeing design starts in 1992 and the topics are ongoing. See the available topics.

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