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The roots of Elobeing come together as the design develops. Topics are the top level organization in the Elobeing history section. Each topic is chronological so you can see how it came to me. That does not necessarily imply that later is better or more complex or more final. Sometimes I might see the overall picture and later see details of how it came to be that way. Sometimes there are just details. Also, some visions are alternatives that don't fit the whole and drop out along the way. Yet they are worth looking at either in themselves or for the future. Some topics are more involved with the human base than an independent evolved outcome. For example, cell spirits and base camps are evolutionary concepts that are clearer for humans than for Elobeings.

So far, there are some drawings. Text is not completely linked to explanatory material and there are some undefined terms. This will improve. The most complete topics are in bold type. Topics are:

More to come.

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