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Elobeing history - Chaos Winds of Change (XWC)

The roots of Elobeing come together in history and topics. XWC stands for Xaos or Chaos Winds of Change. Here are notes from my journal about how they entered this history. Many words and few pictures. See an XWC preview in the Elobeing exhibit.


We think the wind of spirit comes from beyond, from bad, comes through us. But now Elobeings have spirit wind as part of system and generate as communication. Like sending colors. In fact may be medium of sending colors?


There is powerful irrefutable chaos here. Seems overwhelming and uncontrollable. Seems to want interaction from us. Seems however potentially valuable, not intentionally harmful. Seems to be able to get close to CLB. In fact it may be the communal unconscious of the CLB.

Deeper, I get that this winds of chaos is the essence of the nagual, as described by Castaneda. And what's it called, an ally? What for me might appear at a Noint Joint geometrically might appear to someone else as a transporting wind. Then I thought the winds of chaos may be an indication of an earthquake or pole shift. Maybe I should lift my attention. I'm afraid if I don't play act intermediary that this energy will get out of hand and destroy something close to me or set chaos in motion here. Must deal with it. May have come with MCS. May be an EIE way of associating ideas. Not 5 times the old way. But a new way needed as a cutting edge being.


Only way to avoid being blown away by XWC is to have color connection. (See picture at the top of this page.) Saw concentrated color dazzle kind with pinprick size radiants from afar. Reached out in color and communicated with it, allowing XWC to be incorporated. Maybe it is like oxygen to us, a poison that destroys us, yet we breathe it, use it as fuel, power.

XWC-resistant color comes into staff that zooms as galaxy green, yellow, and puffs of bliss blue happens. Color experience is the ultimate joy.


Need colors, not drugs, to assimilate XWC scattering sky blue. The drug is to think the scattered must be suspended or fixed. The evolutionary is to speed up to and assimilate XWC through color wind matching. Is sort of a scalar speed problem. Not large or small but changeability. Remaining an entity although totally dismembered. Look at TS Eliot again - the hollow stuft men. Tell of cohesion of blue XWC. To assimilate XWC is to wake up. I think I'm waking from longtime drugging environment.


Pay attention to how shower colors homogenate XWC. Drop patterns may be determined by a vibe drawing. See Whitman parturition in Leaves of Grass for ideas of transition.

Continued on a second page. For the evolutionary being, the Elobeing, see vision and cross-references to scattered pages that introduce the Elobeing in various ways.

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