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Elobeing history - Chaos Winds of Change (XWC) 1

The roots of Elobeing come together in history and topics. XWC stands for Xaos or Chaos Winds of Change. Here are notes from my journal about how they entered this history. See previous page for XWC.


XWC colorsSplurts exuded/smeared on strands. (See graphic at the top of the page.) It is as though the color finds strand tendencies in the wind and aligns different vibe rates of color with different strands. Maybe vibe rates of movement? The splurt fan exude of color along a distance of the strand goes outward ordered in digital concentric rings to a point where the wind is managed - or shall we say, where the color meets the wind. (Twinge of play on word MET, where the wind is met, because there is implication of meaning of EIEs and pents in a 5D nervous system. Or is it the proto5D, simulated by associating 5 fields of brain cells rather than by changing the structure of brain cells?)

Anyway, color has powerful concentric arranging where its bulk is twisted and squished violently within framework so has a spun look, smeared look. So is spun, squished, and smeared in a neuron shape or node.

This is a way of sampling and communicating the XWC. In a sense it's like riding a thermal as a bird or glider. Say you would see the path of the bird in the total ride as one smear. A CLB meeting an XWC would be like a flock of birds riding several thermals successively over a series of hills. So somehow the CLB forms drops, as in the shower (like many birds) where there's a color organization I can't begin to understand. It's like from tubes of pigment that differ like a rack of artist's paints but different categories than reflected light color. There's an essential quality of colored light that I haven't yet seen.

I see people is relating to CLBs and XWC relating to the environment. Whereas we're all just beings organizing selves in various creative plays.


XWC have raisin qualities, like a prune. It is a way to modulate, receive and conform to messages. A circle is nascent and naive. The contraction of a raisin shape is character expression, complexity, and understanding chaos.


Raisins can fill allspace, maybe raisin is wind in color, has absorbed wind movements, or maybe is always moving in wind waves.


Feeling XWC relationships to peeling the grape. I also see a relationship to the associations in a brain cell. This is how associations work in EIE and in Elobeing. For a human brain cell I saw rods, then how they radiated. But here I see drops and then how they radiate. OK. Fairly consistent. All this turbulence is my subject.


How Colored Light Beings want to be reconciled with the Chaos Winds of Change, XWC. Was thinking that blue was my healing for the three of us. I thought of getting the color healing and the shower managed with the XWC by swirling each in centrifugal drops. That is smearing in the concentric rings of the drops. But this had to do with the spirit coil and the thermal. Maybe there is more symbolism or more to that symbolism than I've seen.

The CLB is color movement and varying over a wind movement. It is kind of like projecting colors on a liquid. Kind of like oil and water colors swirling. But in the CLB-XWC I guess the CLB gives up overall movement to color the XWC locally. So earth would have colored beings inhabiting the winds. But these aren't just regular wind. I caught myself wondering what the CLB would do when the wind died down. Just a passive splat of color draped over the landscape? No, the XWC have a windiness that is similar to a thermal, but is not. The parapenters refer to "bad" winds. Maybe it is factors of wind that weather experts still can't explain. Either that or it doesn't manifest physically.


The XWC color weather program could be solved by the concept of sponge. Have as many sponge tools as winds, as part of the means of expression. So what are my elements? Wind, that is, movement. Air. Color. Water. Sponge. So what does sponge do? It takes things from the water, things that are in the water. So it forms itself so the water movement can get through, but it has access to it. It forms itself in a way that is analogous to the way a flier would ride the wind. Yet it wants to catch things that are caught up in the water. Yet it reveals and comes to channel the flow of water.


Elobeing. Rides winds as dancer but breathing XWC, utilizes what to us is chaos, as food.


XWC really are maintainers of the point. Think of an electrical circuit in the computer with a bus for signals, connecting other components. Electrically, all the peripherals can be at the same point even though they are removed physically. That is because the speed of the movement of signals electrically is so fast it makes the physical distance trivial. XWC are like "the flow of electrons" or the "holes" in the study of electricity. Also like magnetic current.


This message is for chakras of Elobeing. There's an expression in the chakra ring that connects to squeeze juice of sponge and flows of energy like CLB-XWC synergy.


One reason there is so little color here is that we're blown out, spaced out by XWC. Paradox: we need to invite harmonize, tame, modulate, cooperate with ultra aliens of the XWC to get beyond their realm and evolve. Yes, Elobeing is beyond XWC.


Need something to be in to recreate this experience of total curlicue. All around me everything is kinky curlicuing but changing light, color, on/off, and position. To demonstrate, maybe could make a column of plastic with spin spiral paper tapes and creepy crawler worms and those toys with a metal disk showing an outwards spiral that you generate by squeezing a spring button. Add a color light show blinking and some kind of motor. The cause of this is bringing in 2bc to 3bc where conflict of colors creates evolution with XWC. Have done a fair job of projection simulation of XWC color effect with a bag of iridescent plastic strips suspended in crack of sunlight through curtains. It projects dancing colors in spun out erratic paths all around the bottom foot or two of my space.


A rerouting of curve direction. I think this is the language of the gods I've been seeking since ... the 60's. At any given point there is an angle, which is close to the language of the Gods. But the real language consists of the transfer of movement of curve to another curve. There's a word for this I think. Kind of like gears. Angular momentum?


XWC love color. They are chaotic to tinted things. But to a real color being XWC are part of the structural order. So in a vision, as Elo and I round into the sheaf, into EIE, and into color, the XWC become benign, CWX such as Color Windows of TetStruts {Exchange}. I reversed letters in the acronym and am trying to find words to express how a wind can become a joint enabling structure of color. Seems it is sort of like windows or apertures (eyelet, EIElet?) where colors can be joined or allied (at nodes or corners).


The mastery of XWC is to become a twirler being existing in flux of twirl direction, tightness, speed, and spread.


For humans, XWC are destructive and build up like high and low pressure systems. This is because normal healing energy is inhibited, suppressed, and unacknowledged. If we allowed it, vast changes would happen, even physically, even for earth as we perceive it.


XWC are without color. ColorWindsofChange (CWC) are healing.


At the Bristlecone Medicine Wheel, it is hard to conceive that the arbiter is XWC. Always thought of arbiter as fixed, steady, conservative, grounded. Here in chaos is where the arbitration must fly. Otherwise it would be always limited, full of loopholes, and challenges to surround it. XWC comprehends all possibilities, so is a more complete arbitration, if definitely more difficult and never pat.

There is a sense here that in asking XWC to perform this delicate difficult task that XWC must manage itself, paradoxically, to entrain its powerful chaos for a conscious purpose. It takes one to know one. Thus only XWC can facilitate change with chaos winds. The instrument and the other tribe members help channel the XWC function narrowly to prevent it tearing itself apart.

Learned to raisin the tan tien (energy center of the body) outwards with XWC. It is not a fixed, but a constantly changing centering towards. Usually think of tan tien as a little lead marble, an existing point. But it can help determine inner raisining.

It is as though the tan tien expands raisinward to XWC and the color contracting compresses back to tan tien point. Very dynamic constantly changing raison (raisin). Helps conceive dynamic balance of arbiter.


How the polarity is a shifting of balance between the XWC and the Elo blues. Chaos blue is dispersed/dispersing, is a way to use evolutionary changes, large or tiny, as an ability to move. Elo blue is channeled, is a way to zing, provide continuity, to build, to sustain. Actually Elo blue is like tonal or order, gotta have it, and gotta minimize it to have XWC, chaos, like the nagual or creative power.


Thinking how with XWC the chaos allows the wind to change things but when no order is recognized the change is not seen, so in a way, in chaos is timelessness.


This could all be about gathering repressions. Seeing repressions as not necessarily supressed, but anything we haven't entertained consciously. Or been open to. It is like, I'm removing any barriers I might have had and openly invite this, if it should be there. But this is more, isn't it, since must do threefold harvesting? Implies that gathering repressions is active previous to the admitting to consciousness. This is even more far-flung. Chaos teaching, that must not see the immediate order, but be open to the least event that could have an impact on wholeness. That is kind of like being aware of the force of chaos.


XWC manage the point is the depth thought for today. I have an electrin point. Is variation on the root words for electri-city. Is the in point where, when we are grounded in the whole, XWC connect us with all. Grounded is a word limited by Earth being our biggest point of reference. Wonder what ground means in the space station? I guess it is the space ship itself. So is the word "ground" applicable to the whole? OK, I feel it is. I sing the body electrin.


Seeing the XWC as the wavy lines of peeling the grape. And seeing them on the noint joint creation scene navigation symbol.


Are the XWC the embracing of the shadows, Echthroi, as described by Madeleine L'Engle in the book, A Wind in the Door? They do "Xing". On page 201, " ... cold, darkness, emptiness, nothing, naught, nought. What holds it in place is love."


XWC become healers when invited.


Color work and certain intention makes a cloud of bliss XWC, a kind of pranic atmosphere bubble through intense love, that enables neutrinos in some way.


Crazy idea looking at the a slightly greenish XWC color and a slightly lavendared XWC color. Separating or pooling these two tendencies opens the way for carrier wave XWC energy bearers.


Maybe the XWC are what move the colors of the akasha to express as beings. Like CLBs are composed of akashic colors and XWC. Maybe trees and rocks let their XWC be freer than ours, so their auras are more active. Our auras are CLBs when developed and freed. We are composed of akashic colors polarized as light and dark, animated by XWC. But we strictly control our XWCs. Maybe there are XWBs, who are Xaos Wind Beings, alien species akin to CLBs. Maybe CLBs evolved from XWBs. And we evolved from CLBs. Each evolution has a creative variation but loses something of the original. Imagine the incredible freedom of XWB!

Light leaks might be a way to control the deformation of EIE. Powered by chaos but directed by curly or jagged energy probes in or out. The XWC deforming of EIE couldn't be done with colors as CLB, because I don't think the CLB has the geometrical form. It is just colors and chaos. Or akashic colors and XWC. Question is whether our aura has capability of acting beyond the geometry inherent in our setup. The polarity of light and dark seems to go through the MET and become geometrical, spacial, and embodied.


Seeing the Omlulu crack as special advanced form of the breathing crack. Maybe with the XWC energies? Like XWC deforming of it!

Animation for xwc deformation of the breathing cloud to the crack. The XWC twirlers should all appear out of nothing, actually from the cloud nodes and act all at once and then merge into the crack line. XWC changes like the right, left, in, or out curls. But thought that was expressed as three kinds of changes. Thinking now it could be right or left as kind of turn. In or out as kind of size. Fast or slow as kind of speed. All about changes in kinds of curl. In hall of ice, honored the breathing flame clearly there as a choice. Of being? When go through the zipper teeth, I'm out of the hall of shapes, into color. can express the changes with color, non-spacial. Like turning to different hue. Changes in intensity could be like size. Speed of changes is the same, fast or slow. Then, think of wind qualities for XWC way, not direction but changes that cause the direction. high vs. low pressure, speed of change, how about direction, is it a where?


At the Noint Joint felt the XWC present. Felt the nodes as having color and movement and those pesky undefinable Chaos Winds of Change about them. So when moved, it was like knocking in a different way with a different identity. So the hole that came back was different. Easiest way to describe is lighter, airier, more chaotic, more to it, but not heavier. When took that hole to the other NJ interface, and got back a node, seems like amazing evolution possible this way. I'm integrating more XWC into my being. Not sure of the timeframe applicability of this. A lot of it is out of field of view, look at out of corner of eye type stuff. That might be related to Fred Wolf's topic about how if the soul part of a pair is observed it tends to become part of the other one, so it is lost. It has to stay secret. It is something like having a secret, but not knowing it. As Wolf explains, there is one consciousness. Our selves stay blinded to that for our individuality. It is torus-like, isn't it? What you think is in is really continuous with out. So if you know it, everyone has the potential to know it, but they don't want to. But it seems like it is for the evolutionary design and my own evolution, not just now.

For the evolutionary being, the Elobeing, see vision and cross-references to scattered pages that introduce the Elobeing in various ways.

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