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Elobeing history - Breath

The roots of Elobeing come together in history and topics. An Elobeing does not breathe air as animals do. However, in the transition between human being and Elobeing, the process of breathing evolves. The process involves not just the mechanics, but the meaning. Think of the word inspire, with meanings that range from breathing in to raising thought levels. On 9-24-92 I got that the gap has to do with "Pay Attention". On 10-16-98 I learned that the gap is a "gate to spiritual being". In essence, the breathing gap is the spirit of between, of transformation.

<IMG SRC="../../../../../../../Art/Web/TripsArt/Wholeo/elements/images/breathingGap.jpg" WIDTH=24 HEIGHT=151 usemap="#breathingGap" BORDER=0 align="left" hspace="15" > flagsThe breathing gap relates to many aspects of Elobeing, including base camps, cell spirits, claps, vibes, arcs, chakras, sponges, waft, breath, and sheaf. (In topics to come.) The breathing gap looks like a tapering flame that varies as much as the ones on this page. It is like a vessica or neuron. The gap is not the best name. You see names such as breathing flame, breathing cloud, breathing column, breathing crack, prana flame, gate, and so on, all referring to a similar process and vision.

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