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Elobeing history - Breath 6-9-95

This subject came up in several different years, but 6-9-95 is the most relevant.

7-17-93 (top graphic) - Color wheel pure colors have different depths from light to dark. In a MET* cross-section maximum yellow is the lightest color. The outer edge of the cross-section is white; the center core is black. The blue is the darkest color and closest to the center.

6-9-95 (bottom graphic) Inventing color breathing for Elobeing. I call this the Elobreathing sheaf and it is in the center opening of a MET torus. The white and black colors are different than in the top graphic. Here the black is at the bottom of a breathing gap and on one side of a sheaf*. The white is at the top of a breathing gap and on the other side of the sheaf.

2-27-97 In carolyoga, I see that I can rotate the Elobreathing sheaf in EIEamEIE, which is an exercise affirming the structure and meaning of EIE (expanded consciousness). I see the breathing from hands up and moving to reach down to feet and be still. In hands out before mudras, can see as splurt* curls.

The roots of Elobeing come together in history, this is breath. This is how root visions come together for the design. For the evolutionary being, the Elobeing, see vision and cross-references to scattered pages that introduce the Elobeing in various ways.

* Elobeing history topic, not yet online.

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