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Elobeing history - Breath 10-22-92

When focus upward (a), see Hieloheal extend up higher prana, higher unity, higher aspiration. I truly got good new base camps. Opened up breathing through me and down to earth core so instead of (c) or (d), now (e) and (f), from over crown to earth vibe center at base. But as rose up, breathed all in to focus point on high over bliss.

During yoga I opened up the huge breathing from the new high, way past what I have ever known, on high past bliss. Then grounded it way down in earth.

The new species Elobe mindspace has opened breathing in it.

12-14-92 The gap is related to the form on page 24 of Wonder in Aliceland called Spinal Glow, but prana breathing finds end points. On page 82-87 there is no recognition that prana paths interact with the spirit coil or spinal glow, but in evolution, this is it. See the orbs and vibes in the Wholeo dome version.

The roots of Elobeing come together in history, this is breath. This is how root visions come together for the design. For the evolutionary being, the Elobeing, see vision and cross-references to scattered pages that introduce the Elobeing in various ways.

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