Prana Dream

Wonder descends carelessly (in the best sense of having no cares). She alights on the Funnel of the Mushroom Ribs, noting the Navel Chakra nearby.

Wonder sees the dot of Prana zipping through the hole at the Point of Consciousness. Prana is pure vitality from Universal mind. Wonder lies back on the funnel to rest. She sleeps and has a dream within the dream.

The dot grows to a lake on which swims the Great Bird of Prana. Stars twinkly blink merrily in the night sky. The full moonlight glistens on the water and gives a luster to the feathers getting ready for flight. The giant bird is slowly spreading its wings.

"Just climb on my back, Wonder dear. I'll take you for a ride," croaks the kindly, old, but strong and beautiful bird. Wonder struggles up the steep side and seats herself in the soft feathery bird's back. Up, up with a windy whoosh they rise, circling and returning, always higher. Like an old-fashioned calligraphic flourish, it loops over the top, winding back and forth down to the lake.

"That's all now, Wonder. You have seen Prana as it is in me, now you will see Prana again, as it is in you. Goodby and Blessings Be."

Wonder in Aliceland, pages 82-83

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