IX Chakras and Prana Paths

Chakras and Chord

Nascent Chakras and the Chakra Chord

Near the base of the Pineal Body is a rippling wheel of neon red and blue concentric strips. It's a Nascent Chakra. Wonder discerns a line of bubbles extending to similar shapes above and below, which she would adore to explore.

At last Wonder gets an answer to her question, "How can I climb on energy structures such as the Spirit Coil and Mushroom Ribs?" The Chakra Chord lets her know that, like the others, it manifests for Wonder's trip, simply to befriend her and because, like every living creation, it craves understanding. Using their loving power, as they allow her to experience their energy as something she can physically slip down as a Chord of pearly bubbles, their nature manifests in her mind. She feels close to the spirit of the happening.

The Chakras are psychic centers associated with glands located in the body's cavities along the spine, in the head, palms of the hands, and soles of the feet. They are mysterious intermediaries, agents of harmony, descendants in the lineage of pure wonder. Also, they are transmitters of the treasure, Prana.

Wonder in Aliceland, pages 80-81

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