First 4 Memory BeadsColor

First 4 Memory Beads

Wonder is saying, "I ... Like ... It ... Here." In the Pineal Hologram, Bear sees four beads pass by the Point of Consciousness and then go off. She awakes.

Bear says, "The Spirit Coil in Prayer Phase brings the Beads, or replicas, to the Point. When they appear at the Pineal, it is remembered. It happens first in the belly and then in the head."

Wonder repeats the phrase, grasping the implications. "The belly then the head! I'm going to BE the fetus once more and tell you my direct awareness," Wonder states, going into a voluntary trance.

Wonder says slowly, each word wrapped in silence. "What ... Is ... That?" When she comes to, she's overwhelmed by the gestalt. "The baby was directly aware of a change for the first time." Wonder conveys a sense of that awesome event to her friends.

Bear loves to sit watching the fascinating Pineal Body. Dog and Squirrel curl up near Bear for a nap. Wonder feels restless. "Bear, I get tired of watching the news on this TV. I'd rather BE the news." He glances at her inquiringly. "I'm going ahead," Wonder asserts.

"OK, friend," says Bear.

Color graphic on back cover, see graphic 13, middle left.

Wonder in Aliceland, pages 78-79

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