Spirit Coil

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The Spirit Coil

The Smallest Unit of Life reasserts its presence, especially the spluttering yellow core brightens. It is taking a shine to the Spinal Coil (the vertical core coil of the Tetrahedronal Light Muscle). Their delight in each other grows. The interaction results in the Spinal Glow, a wavy light column near the spine of the embryo.

Wonder strokes its contours. As she compares the raw Zap of the Smallest Unit of Life core with the softly emanating Spinal Glow, Claps begin to pop out. The Glow spits off glorified bits of itself. In each round Clap is a central white wave, layered in a simple aura of yellow, red, and blue.

The Claps, like hosts of loving discs, waft and collide in bursts, feeding the Spinal Coil. It grows taller and wiser with each hit of energy. "These Claps are little candle angels of light and love from Universal Mind, making the Spinal Coil into the Spirit Coil," says Wonder out loud. She's intrigued with how these words come to her. The mighty Spirit Coil is stretching the outer bubble into an egg shape.

Color graphic on cover, see graphic 4, mid-left.

Wonder in Aliceland, pages 24-25

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