Inspiriting (Aura/Wavelengths)

The elation of the completion of this energy process sounds a sacred mantra--AUOM. A vibe song happens. Wonder tunes in and sings along. It begins as A at a point in the Eye of Universal Mind, behind the navel of Wonder, within the coily arrows at the Cores of the Tetrahedronal Light Muscle, fitting inside the Storage Block in the Smallest Unit of Life.

As the vibration expands, the AUO reaches M outside the bubble in Universal Mind. Wonder rests there receptively for a moment. Then she takes a deep breath and then returns from M through OU to A. MOUA and Wonder is recentered.

The song is like a rainbow-colored dandelion seed. A red "A" starting in the center where the seeds meet the stalk. "UO'ing" out orange, yellow, green in all directions along the shafts of the seeds; becomes blue, purple, white "Ms" in the many fluffs on the outside of the puff. Then winging back into the place of attachment. This Inspiriting is a step before breathing. It is a pre-breathing. It goes: ... focus--diffuse ... diffuse--focus.Image URL

Wonder in Aliceland, pages 22-23

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