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Elobeing history - Staff, Clap

The roots of Elobeing come together in history and topics. The staff is the source of claps, which send out spiritual, evolutionary messages. Claps can be called splats and are closely related to glitter.

2/17/93 Simultaneous inward both way turning is what powers out the glitters from the staff of Benetron. {Benetron is an Elobeing.}

2/18/93 glitterTwists the shape of the staff glitter claps (which are coming as a slow steady stream, kind of like graduation, wedding, or funeral pace or like first snowflakes of a storm). But shape of glitter is inside out collapsed beyond nothing. Emptiness is form? Shape is what is more not there than core of glitter. Left and from top and bottom gold and silver tending input? Output more like stirring. Stirs, not in out. Kind of like wind but what does it blow and no direction.

2/19/93 The joy of Benetron's glitters is worth everything. Mass market. So needed, like a thirsty sponge, glitters absorbed.

2/24/93 See spin in to Benetron's staff then glitters out but also in.

7/11/93 Red passionate life sending out of claps for this consciousness expansion and mutation announcement and information and invitation.

8/18/93 frookiesFrookies: Elo communicating to be (sic, me) some of the great joys of the (beyond-state) shared state (shard) BE TWeen. be a tweener, Elo look at those Benetron claps.

Learn from those transparent creatures that used to turn up on the Ventura beach (Pacific Ocean). They were round, flat, and finned mysteriously, like a what do you call that twisted curve that has no end? Moebius strip! They were transparent, flexible, and wet. The color was pale blue with bright blue concentric circles paralleling the edges. {Note, July, 2003, see pictures of similar creatures in Florida.}

9/26/93 To be truly powerful, Benetron claps not only have the outward suction experienced before, where create a vaccum, but also have the effect of inner expanding because draw all outer near in. This is the inward suction. New today. Effect of inner contracting, outer expanding. So those claps twisted between powerful suctions and maintain integrity with rolled edge sloppy drippy liquefying colors and image, flowing with pressures of two opposite kinds of suction.

10/3/93 In carolyoga Benetron clap-starts from above behind small of back as reach from point of unconscious in Fra Terre.

10/14/93 spine-likeIn an Elobeing, the "spine" brings the messages from the higher emotions (CLB) down through the being interface (EIE-MET body) to the chakras and extremities (banners, gestures). We're talking about a conduit here. Is there a backbone function? Have anything to do with Benetron's staff and the glittering claps exuding? This is stiffening, exuding clap companions, and conduit of colors both ways, like an expanded breathing.

10/31/93 Called Impansion (expansion inwards has greater scope). Impansion is the opposite of expansion, but not contracting, ompressing. Not to become less by the --pansion but to expand inwardly. So to actually be much more expanded than can be with 3D physical limitations.

8/10/94 Saw claps as splats of irregular concentric circle target colors.

11/29/94 The splats of Benetron become as the hollow between cupped praying hands.

12/15/94 Benetron's claps circulated in evolutionary thrust (splurt) and something starts in me. New circulation in merge twistor.

8/23/96 The splats could metamorphose into sparkles.

10/8/96 The heart arcs are just wonderers until superconducted, which spins off by-products of something real enough to manifest in physical world via the claps of Benetron.

12/9/96 In Ben's splats, seeing them as definite communicators, riding on my cell spirits expanded, but coming back, so I'm all plastered with these splats and can decode them.

10/5/97 Splats are great tet {tetrahedron} emissions.receiving

7/4/2000 Published a Flash movie showing claps received.

10/25/2000 Even getting to see a breathing cloud, where sides of the gap are like sides of a clap and that is expanded opened points of consciousness and unconsciousness. So the clap is the carrier and the cons or uncons is the info awareness. And the XWC is the means of transport. And maybe CLB.

color radiant claps10/21/01 Published a Flash movie of the staff and color radiants. To send claps out, click and hold the staff.

See Staff to Noint Joint, XWC scene 3, to see the glittering yellow claps in a movie. For the evolutionary being, the Elobeing, see vision and cross-references to scattered pages that introduce the Elobeing in various ways.

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