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pools visionWhat do I mean by the mental art of pooling? Pools came to me in a dream years ago. Two small white ovals suspended in a bowl. How would you interpret the dream? My personal meaning of the symbolism is complex. Out of the bowl has come a valuable mental technique.

We use the verb 'to pool', meaning to mix or pour together. Streams flow from different sources and merge in a pool. As a group, we might pool our resources, that is, put them together. My pooling is different from the common meanings.

In my dream, the ovals are separate and not touching. They are bound together in the bowl, yet remain distinct from each other. You could say the ovals have an intimacy problem or that each displays an independent sense of identity. Let's focus on the positive aspects. Two similar things are brought together for comparison. Or one thing that is beyond comprehension is divided in two for understanding.

Dream pools in waves of vibration.

In On the Way to Machu Picchu, I describe how to deal with the shock of apprehending a light that is too bright. Separating the charge into two pools divides the power to manage it. It is like putting on sunglasses to look at the light.

Two Thumbs is graphic of two opposing rock faces placed side-by-side to comprehend them. In reality, you can never see them both at once, because you are between them.

Doing the graphic for a pooling photo started me publishing the pools vision quest.

Pooling can be comparing two things in different realities, forming analogies. It can be moving things and creating waves to study the interference patterns between the two overlapping sets of concentric circles. Is it factoring? Visualize two egg shapes. Glow them.

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