pools in waves

Dream pools in waves of vibration

This excerpt from my journal, dated January 7, 1995, includes the drawing above and notes below.

In carolyoga, the pawprints of my gathered fingers surround two imagined disks like the ones I tracked in my dream journal in late 70's. They seem as real, fresh, and that word for "glowing with significance", numinous as ever. I see the pools in cup of a chakra perhaps, kind of like buttons in upholstery, but having so many qualities of disparate things that it is very hard to convey anything but their physical appearance. They are as much gates or apertures as they are space ships. The drawing is entitled Waves over ovals in bowl.

This is thrilling. I really came to the drawing with two little ovals. But it got big, It got a bowl. And then it seems it needed ambiance, a context, so the waves came. I thought they were destined for the background, but having a couple up front seems to provide an atmosphere. Another precious aspect that will be lost when this graphic is viewed on a faster processor is the way it looks when it redraws. {In 1997 at 200MHz, still a flip visible.} Of course, it would never come across in a print. Somehow, the offset waves move me tremendously this morning. {Originally at 50MHz, waves drew in slowly, like animation.} I would love to take the layers into Photoshop and play with colors, textures of this image. {Later, Flash would do.}

pools in bowlSo here are my basic small images, not goofily artworked up. For background info on this image, see pooling.

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