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How can an unseen light being have color, which is something you see? I imagine color with properties beyond what I can see with my eyes. Looking inward, I "see". A colored light being (CLB) moves, changes, and interacts with other CLBs colorfully and quickly. Any representation is merely an approximation.

In my view, everything we know is a subset of colors. Light and dark come after color. Anything resembling a being, such as even creation, comes after color.

A quote from my journal:

"I have the feeling that CLBs are our new thrust in evolution. I hear great laughter. Perhaps CLB is just aura of WLB (Whole Light Being)? More laughter. Seems like WLB associated with EIE and expansion of consciousness whereas CLB associated with color weather and expansion of human being, movement, action, individuality. Now I don't hear the laughter. Perhaps this is closer to the truth. Does whole light include colored light? Great laughter."

Writing to an email group on January 17, 1998:

"Previously I had spent 7 years building a stained glass dome (Wholeo) so I could be in healing colored light. But I don't have a ready answer about Colored Light Beings (CLBs). Looking for first contact in my journal I found two notes from 1979.

3/15/79 '... I dozed off asking for a dream of my guides. I got a sense of heightened expanded color, light, presence in my room. It was red orange yellow and a person might materialize and speak in my room. '

10/7/79 '...I took my place in a circle of higher beings. They were bigger than I (about twice) so I grew up to their height. I face the being on my right. He's formed of a rippling lavender ribbon. Fogs come from his crevices and there's a surf beating behind him. He emanates weathers.
Color vision communications start happening. There's a problem with white light. They help me see how just attuning to sun's light is blinding. There is a lot we can see if we accept that everything is luminous. Everything gives forth its own light. And that kind of seeing is not exploitative or objective. It's a participation. You have to become open and vulnerable and giving to be part of the communication. These beings can make things happen, I believe. I asked them for help.
Then began a teaching about the total body involvement - every molecule seems to be stimulated - there are constant minute vibrations and ripples and the feeling of love predominates. The teaching was about sending colors. You do it with your whole body. Kind of flex a color muscle. And receiving is interesting!'

There's lots more since then. Since 1992 I'm channeling a new evolved being design. Above is a yellow iris with regular CLB communications. Also the new being can become a CLB, like our out of body experiences. "

See Elobeing CLB topics for how the design of an evolutionary being depends on colored light being. See the exhibit and CLB on stage.

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