XI. Higher Emotions


The Higher Emotions

They all scan the luminous cloud; billowing, intensifying, ebbing, flowing, and sounding around and above them. It is extremely moving. They are literally carried away by the Sphere of the Higher Emotions. Set adrift and allowed awash, they are like little boats afloat at sea.

The colors are the feelings; lugubrious to sober, solemn to sassy. The colors are guides, liquid salacious guides (no, not lustful), the word is salubrious (lubricating and beneficial) guides. The way out of being pinned is to feel the endless changes without reserve. Red; bright, light, red-orange; flecks of vivid green growing like snakes' eyes or peacock feathery eyes; waving gold painted edged plumes; trembling in the poignant emotions of each fraction of a moment. Then stilled in pools of light blue filigreed with turquoise and uplifted through lavender fringing into rose.

Rocked, rocked, they are gently soothed back through the separate dreams from whence they came, into the larger dream into which they will emerge. Wonder is the first to awake from the lull. Seeing the animals spaced out on colors, she laughs, making waves that rouse them. They face the inside of an egg-shaped sea enclosing the fetus and its lively psychic processes. They are subdued now to show Wonder this beautiful outside-in Easter Egg aura. Colored for Art section cover pic

Color graphic on back cover, see graphic 16, bottom left.

Wonder in Aliceland, pages 96-97

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