Color Light Beings (CLBs)

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In 1981, a trip to Peru and Bolivia inspired a series of 15 CLB drawings. These are selections. At the time I called the subject a Color Spirit Body. Each one looks like a gesture, a dance stroke, or a moving display of an aurora borealis. I'm not sure if I caught a fleeting expression rather than a complete being.

On the first drawing I wrote, "This color on this paper at this time is invested with connection to the real spiritual color or the real color spirit body tuned into by the 7th freedom!" In my journal is an explanation , "After the initiation come the freedoms." The 7th freedom is Freedom of color. "I favor and explore the last freedom. How can all colors be in one place at one time? They can. I blend it with the others." For background on CLBs, see Wholeo/WholeSelf/lightBeing/CLB.

CLB 1CLB 1, CLB 2, CLB 3CLB 3, CLB 4, CLB 5, CLB 6, CLB 7, CLB 10, CLB 12, CLB 13CLB 13, CLB 15CLB 15
Slide show of all the drawings.

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