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To keep in sync, press "x" while dragging in the first movie (on the left)

Turn and Return from 1911 to 2092, in sync

Compare the panorama of 1911 * with the same place as it might look in 2092. In Owens Valley, California, USA, look west toward the town of Bishop, Inyo county, and the High Sierra mountains. First, in 1911 there is no airport and no color in the photo. Later, the time of the airshow in 1992 anticipates the next 100 years with more color. In 2092*, we might meet aliens as lively and as different from ourselves as these colored light beings.

To compare the skyline, drag and scroll each panorama to the same relative position. Press and hold "x" and drag in the first movie for automatic synchronization. See a larger version of each panorama with more information on its own page:

<IMG SRC="../../../../../../../../Access/path/images/12Y2k/pathImrsY2k4.gif" WIDTH=66 HEIGHT=66 usemap="#pathImrsY2k4" BORDER=0 align=left> The return to Bishop is part of View2000. It is a project to document each month of the year 2000 in QTVR movies. It is a QTVR-a-month by producers around the world. This is October, month 10. Traverse the calendar.

You need get Flash Flash to see the View 2000 badge.

<img src="../../../../../../../../Access/path/images/pathImmerseSm.jpg" width=35 height=36 usemap="#pathImmerseSmMap" border=0> get QT 4 You need QuickTime 4 or higher to see the QTVR movie. See immersive imaging for help, info, and all other immersive imaging, including QuickTime movies, at Wholeo Online.

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* Source file credits: 1911 panorama from Library of Congress panorama collection (more info). 2092 photo of pilot with paraglider over a mountain by Leo Geary, and the rest by Caroling, 1992 (more info).
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