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Turn and Return in 1911

The source photograph for this panorama is from the Library of Congress. To see the originals and more information, go to http://lcweb2.loc.gov/ammem/panPlaces02.html and click "California--Bishop". The photo is entitled, "Bishop, Inyo County." This is under the American Memory collection, "Taking the Long View: Panoramic Photographs, 1851-1991" web page.

For the movie I took out the seam in the original TIFF and touched it up a little. The point of view seems to be slightly higher than mine in 1992 at the airport. But certainly the view of the mountains was better before development. I only wish we had photographs of the rest of the view all around.

<IMG SRC="../../../../../../../../Access/path/images/12Y2k/pathImrsY2k4.gif" WIDTH=66 HEIGHT=66 usemap="#pathImrsY2k4" BORDER=0 align=left> The return to Bishop is part of View2000. It is a project to document each month of the year 2000 in QTVR movies. It is a QTVR-a-month by producers around the world. This is October, month 10. Traverse the calendar.

You need get Flash Flash and get QT 4 QuickTime 4 to see the Flash animation button and the QTVR movie.

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