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This page shows what is in each part of the Wholeo Online immersive interactive imaging site from 1998-2009 and later if the content is based on QuickTime. From 2009 onwards, content is usually in both Adobe Flash and Apple QuickTime formats, in Outline 1. Immersive means the view is around you and you are in it. Interactive means you can control the view. Move the pointer around, up, and down to change the scene. Sometimes, click on hot spots for other features. Usually the view is 360 degrees around but some panoramas are partial.


February 2016. Current browsers do not support QTVRs. iPhones do not play Flash movies. Java applets are problematic. I am working on converting material to HTML 5.

Panorama viewing problems

October, 2012. QuickTime panoramas only play correctly in the Safari browser on my MacBook Pro with QuickTime 10.1. Chrome and Firefox jerk with no flow. Flash panoramas play correctly in all three browsers except on the iPhone. C'mon folks, is it really productive for anyone to be at such odds with each other? It certainly frustrates this content provider.

QT Flash NOT

QuickTime no longer plays Flash tracks

Previously QuickTIme played tracks made with Flash 5 or less, but now it does not. I am converting QT panoramas into Flash, supporting Flash tracks. However, if the content is already available alternatively, I won't bother. In 2007, QuickTime 7.3.1 disables the Flash media player for security reasons. QuickTime 7.1.5 fixed the following problem introduced on 2006-09-13 with QuickTime 7.1.3. It disabled embedded Flash tracks by default. Previous versions enabled Flash by default. For details, see the announcement.

QuickTime news on or before August 21,

Microsoft Internet Explorer for Windows, versions 5.5 SP2 and 6.0 +, users need an ActiveX control. Here is a QuickTime movie that should get the control for you if you need it.

*** Warning *** QuickTime Macintosh OS 9 (Classic or less) users: there is a Macintosh-only virus or worm. To prevent the problem, turn off "Enable Audio CD AutoPlay" and "Enable CD-ROM AutoPlay" in the QuickTime Settings Control Panel. (Uncheck the boxes.) I believe this does not affect OS X. *** end warning ***


If you have QuickTime 5 +, you can see all around QTVRs (called spheres or cubics), listed separately from the cylinders on this page. Imaging includes Apple QuickTime, QTVR, Flash and other viewers and art. See Java applet movies. I got into this spin with QTVR, but Flash works are taking over in 2001.

QTVR stands for QuickTime Virtual Reality. QuickTime is available for Macintosh and PC computers. The links in this paragraph are slightly outdated, but basic. For free software see plug-ins used on Wholeo Online pages. See this page for many links to Apple Computer pages. For help using the software with Wholeo Online site movies, see How 2 use QTVR and QuickTime settings. Also, see links, production "How2"s, View 2000, or Caroling's wrinkles.

World Wide Panorama event entries are WWP month year, where the month is 3, 6, 9, or 12 followed by two-digit year. For example, WWP 306.

Wholeo Online






In Florida/movies, a Flash movie ending introduces the dismantling of a mandala sand painting. (Perhaps I need a new page for non-VR movies.) Into the Void, an object movie (one requires QT 7, using H.264 compession) reveals the sculpture that spins in Void Around. Eyes in Back of Head is a double panorama, seeing forward and backwards around Eastern Lake. Twins' communal play space is my entry in World Wide Panorama (WWP), June, 2007.



These pages include art, panoramas, design, and background information.



Vision Quest


In Acts, ritePassage/wedding, engage and wed object movies spin their magic.

In Evolution,

In Ritual Spaces/Lost and Found,

In Geometry are several panoramas about being inside the structures of consciousness.

Medicine Wheel

Travel (USA)


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