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Using QTVR

cursorszoom and link cursors

To spin: Use keyboard arrow keys in the QTVR -- around, up, and down.
To zoom out: click the "-" magnifying glass. (Shift-Click)
To zoom in: click the "+" magnifying glass. (Alt or control-click)

To see text label: hold or drag mouse over link hotspot.
To activate a link: click a link hotspot.


If you don't see the QTVR or the page is frozen or other problems, see troubleshooting. See also Immersive Interactive Imaging for help.


<a href="./../Trips/Imagine/geometry/cube/images/cubeWhotSpot1fs.mov" >[View QuickTime VR]</a> Getting around. When you move over a QTVR, the pointer shows the panning interface. That is, the cursor is a dot with a circle around it. When you click ,hold the mouse down, and drag the cursor, you see any of the cursors in the upper left picture. On a Macintosh, if you click, hold, and wait, you popup the settings menu (see below).

Zooming. You can zoom the QTVR in and out with the magnifying glass icons on the controller bar or from your keyboard. Pressing the button with the glass with a "-" makes the QTVR smaller, but you can see more, up to the minimum zoom. There is the greatest focus. From the keyboard, Shift-Click to zoom out. Pressing the button with the glass with a "+" makes the QTVR details bigger, but you see less, up to the maximum zoom. The focus is increasingly less. From the keyboard, control-click (Macintosh) or Alt-click (Windows) to zoom in.

Hotspots. If your cursor changes to a finger pointing to a globe or a fat arrow, it is over a hotspot. A hotspot can trigger related text labels to appear in the controller bar. A hotspot can be a link to other QTVRs or web pages. The red areas in the sample QTVR are linked to the cube geometry web page. To see the hot spot areas, click and hold down the fat arrow in the controller bar. Double-clicking the arrow shows the hot spot areas until the arrow is clicked again.

Settings. You can popup QuickTime settings from the QTVR. On the Macintosh, hold down the mouse. On Windows, right-click. On Mac or PC, click and hold the small arrow at the far right end of the controller bar for a popup settings menu. For details on my use, see controller settings. (Note, the QTVR color healings for the Dec 98 solstice are not yet available with multiple settings.)

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