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Using the QuickTime plug-in controller settings

This page has troubleshooting, Multiple Data Rate (MDR) reference movies, and related links.


If your browser does not load the QuickTime plug-in, you might need to set the MIME types. The information given for Wrinkle 2000, is called Windows Advisory, but the information is applicable to any platform.

Some of my movies require QuickTime 4, especially if they have Flash tracks. Some of my movies require Flash.

Reference movies

If you don't have QuickTime (QT) 3 or higher, you don't need to read this. Note that the screen pictures of the settings might be different than your screen, but the items still apply. Some of my QuickTime VR (QTVR) movies are multiple data rate (MDR) movies. Each of the MDR movies contains one movie that plays for pre-QuickTime, but has reference pointers to other movies if QT is available. The choices are based on the QT plug-in settings for connection speed. Here are icons of three movies that are part of a MDR movie. The two right pictures are links to the actual movies if you want to see them. (Also, see the actual MDR movie).

slow mediumfast

A movie page that contains a MDR movie looks like one of the icons, depending on your connection speed. That is because the QT plug-in downloads the best movie for your connection speed. The idea is that if you're on a 28.8K modem, you have a short download time, but if you're on a fast T1 connection, you get a better-looking movie (bigger size) in the same download time.

However, what if you are willing to wait for the better movie? Or if you want to have the quickest download? You can change the QuickTime plug-in settings.

  1. In the lower right corner of the movie controller is a triangle that points down. Click and hold down the triangle (or anywhere in the window) to pop up choices.
  2. Choose "Plug-In Settings", to pop up a dialog. (The following example is from QT 3. Newer versions have the same elements, with more windows and choices.)
  3. Click "Connection Speed. . ." from the dialog that appears, to get a settings dialog. (With QT 4+, a different window pops up. You need to find the browser window after closing the settings.)

    Mac settings Macintosh or PC settings PC.

  4. The connection settings dialog has several speeds. Choose one of these for my movies:
    • 14.4 Modem -- small-size movie, does not have QT enhanced features
    • 28.8 or 33.6 Modem -- medium-size movie
    • 56K Modem/ISDN -- large-size movie
    • Some movies might have higher sizes with alternative QT features. The page tells you what setting to choose. Otherwise, 56K works for all faster connection speeds.

  5. Click "OK" to close the dialog and click"Save" to save your changes.
  6. Reload the page.
  7. When you are finished looking at the movie, go back to the plug-in settings and reset them to your actual connection type for other QuickTime sites.
Apple has a page on authoring these kinds of movies.

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