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Enhanced features of QuickTime 3

If you don't have QuickTime (QT) 3 or higher, you don't need to read this. My QuickTime VR (QTVR) movies use some of the enhanced features of QT. One appears in this movie:


The feature is a second video track that contains a stationary graphic. If the movie is not available, you see the second track over a broken movie icon. The movie above would look like this:

track 1 broken, track 2 OK

The movie could be unavailable for several reasons. Perhaps the browser does not have enough memory. That could be how the browser is set or the number of other applications running. You can try reloading (refresh the page). Perhaps the hard disk does not have enough memory to store the downloaded movie. There might be a server or network error. The source file on the server might be damaged or unavailable.

See Immersive Interactive Imaging for help.

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