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It is an event on the web. It is the first publication of lostNfound. It is one map to the models of expansion of consciousness. Specifically, it is a panorama of the model of EIE. The QTVR is at the bottom of the page, so you can read while it downloads (104K).

Lost and Found

It is 9 PM on March 20, 1998 in Hawaii but synchronously around the world, Wrinkle 2 panoramas are chosen and shutters are snapping, recording the moment. Listen in and welcome to my sculpture studio, "Lost and Found". It also serves as a meditation and living room. Turning the pano out to the deck in the night, see the home of the wild volunteer plants that are the subject of my Wrinkle 2, pano 2, the wave.

It is 11 PM, nice and as dark as it gets here on the 4th floor up. The studio is in Mountain View, which is on the peninsula south of San Francisco in the bay area of northern California, USA.

Technical notes

Here are the tools. The file size is 104K.


  • Camera and panhead used: Nikon One Touch held in place by a nail on some boxes for a tripod.
  • Type of film : Fujifilm 200 ASA
  • Print scanner: UMAX 6E, 150 dpi, saved as TIFF files
  • Macintosh PPC software:
    • QuickStitch Needed a stitcher and not yet able to afford QTVRAS. QuickStitch is an order of magnitude cheaper. QuickStitch takes BMP or JPEG files. I'm not familiar with BMP so I saved my TIFF files as .jpg with highest quality (10) at 72 dpi. The stitching worked but the output files are fuzzy, details are lost. I stitched 3 or 4 prints together, overlapping sections.
    • Photoshop 4.1 Assembled stitched sections and saved as a PICT
    • Make QTVR panorama 1.0b4
      Used this version (rather than 2) to ensure backward compatibility
      Cinepak compression at 75%
      Default zoom: 80
    • Movie Player 2.5.1 Saved as self-contained, playable on non-Apple computers

QTVR Panorama

If you don't have a QuickTime plug-in for your browser (PC or Mac) see http://www.apple.com/quicktime/download/. If you have Win 3.1 or you get a broken icon, try opening the pano directly.

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