Creating a color healing pano (prototype)

For the equinox, September, 1998, I took part in a global QuickTime VR project. Here is the process. The image comes from a color generator program called beaming or color weather or Color EIE 5D. Before starting, I made a new version of a program I've been creating and changing and using every day since I learned SuperCard in 1990 or so.
  1. Supercard (SC). Generate the healing in MacOS. Open . Do layout and runes. Export each separately using the export menu items in SC. Enjoy, appreciate, and give thanks for the colors and messages that came.
  2. Photoshop. Modify SC export PICTs for the pano source PICT file. Open the base This part demands artistic skill and labor. See the Photoshop steps for details.
  3. QTVRAS. Create QT2 and QT3 panos. Open existing file, 6crclEIEclr.scene to make the pano from the scene maker and reuse hotspots. {Note, the following process might not be exact, but did reuse hotspots.}
  4. MoviePlayer3. Optimize panos as .mov and add bitmap graphic.
  5. MakeRefMovie. Make the final movie for QT 2 with a reference to the QT3 movie. Flatten the Cinepak version into output and make it last choice for 14.4 modem. Add two others one with mask and one with not. Maybe. I used one. Screen shot of MakeRefMovie window.
  6. PageSpinner. Make web pages with embedded movie and upload to server. Use HTML template, maybe clrEIEscene7.htm, for clrEIE8.htm. Upload for Wrinkle preview. Use for 7/28 publishing to Wholeo Online.
  7. SuperCard. In color generator program, add ref movie to pick list for display in SC.
If could streamline Photoshop using an action, that would speed it up. Actually, first do the better rounding of runes in SC. Then make the Photoshop frame some kind of alpha track. Add labels in there too. So all that I have to do is bring new colors to existing movie as a graphic in scene maker? Long range plan, get Roadster plug-in web version of color healer online. That way anyone could get their own graphic for pano making.
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