Caroling -- Season's Greetings, Equinox September 1998

Where I live, 10:37 PM (PDT) on September 22, 1998 is the time of the fall or autumnal equinox. When celebrating that moment, in the southern hemisphere of earth, it might be September 22 or September 23, but it is called the spring or vernal equinox. Anywhere though, night and day are equal in length. That is because the axis of earth is lined up with the axis of the sun.

Some people are celebrating the equinox according to the ancient Mayan calendar. For them, the equinox is five days, not a single moment.

icon from the movie

The Wholeo equinox this September features a structure of expanded consciousness. See it at evolutionary EIEball. On the equinox, I was open to what would come up in this context. As of September 21, the new color healing space was in place, in preparation.

The result was a color healing created in the new color healer generator program.

dark Shasta

Mt. Shasta and Gray Butte from Northern California

Why are they here? No reason. Aren't you glad?

Here are some Equinox links. I haven't checked them out, but trust they are from good sources. For your information.

From: "Aluna Joy Yaxk'in"

Equinox Activations

TUNE IN with us at MACHUPICCHU for Sunrise Meditation on Sept 23rd! I'll (Aluna Joy) will be in MACHUPICCHU, PERU with Inca Spiritual Messenger Willaru Huayta, Gary Zukov, Kevin Ryerson, Gray Wolf and many other awesome, wonderful people. TUNE IN WITH US. We are committed to anchoring HEAVEN ON EARTH! Beyond, religion, race, culture, social status and age... We are one people. We are ALL Children of the SUN! Note: This link is broken in 2012, but the base page is here:

9/21/98 - World Puja Equinox Translation Ball Broadcast to You Live on the Net Concert with peace troubadour James Twyman. Gregg Braden speaks on the translation period and leads an ancestral prayer with flute. Tom Kenyon sings the Ghandarva invocation, the callings of the sacred names Drunvalo Melchizedek leads a prayer for the Translation Period.... Be There!

September 19th - 21st Equinox Global Whale Meditation Check out and click on Global Whale Meditation for more details.

IMPORTANT Global link up for Equinox guided by Amorah Quan Yin A 4 part global meditation. Full version on Amorah's web page

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