At the moment of the equinox, September 22, 1998 22:37 PDT (-7 UTC), a color healing happened. Cave entrance Popup a window.

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Equinox, Sep 22 1998 22:37 PDT (-7 UT or GMT)

The setting for the equinox healing is near the Gaia point at an ancient ritual site aligned to the seasons. I went there in imagination. Previously, I photographed the site. It is a large croissant-looking C of rocks. They are covered with petroglyphs of birth and death symbols. Some are as old as 5,000 years. The rocks are riddled with caves, large and small, both natural and enhanced. Looking at the photographs closely, I found a small rectangular door underneath. In imagination, I entered the rock chamber within for the creation of the color healing graphic.

The next day, the dawn light beaming straight in from the east was especially beautiful. In the EIEball structure, I made the color rings match the ones in the color healing graphic. On the equinox, you are inside, now you are outside, looking at the framework.

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