Color layout and rune casting in the evolutionary EIEball

I find the QuickTime Virtual Reality (QTVR) movie is a centering, 3D mandala-kind of space. In QTVR, I spin, like clay on a potter's wheel, being informed. Up to now (1998), all my QTVR movies have had at least one photo in them. See previous art, for background.

But how about color? I need color and its healing language of light. Why not use my color generating program as the basis for a QTVR interactive experience in the round?

It works technically with the software. It fits the usual definition of a QTVR loosely. It is a photo or computer-generated space. But I'll take part in the equinox Wrinkle world shoot for September, 1998. I explained the idea and asked other participants how important is it to Wrinkle to be photographic? How about a color QTVR? Replies were:


"QTVR's a new medium. There are no wrong content choices."

" Cool! Very cool! I like it!"

At the time of the equinox, I generated a color healing. It is all done with random numbers. Then I convert the output to a QTVR. The preliminary offering is the first. It is a prototype. Mystically, it is a setting for a significant color transmission. Let us gather and comprehend the vibrations that color the moment of the equinox. Here are the flat pictures used for the QTVRs. First the setting, followed by the color healing for the equinox. Click on either graphic for its QTVR.


Equinox healing

The color generator is a web program. Others could use it and modify the graphic creatively. Then we could compare the different results, all generated at the same time.


* I wrote it first in SuperCard, then in Adobe Flash.

Background photo and art of Mt. Shasta

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