Color weather

The idea behind Color Weather was to be in an interactive color environment with features like varying winds. The definition and actualization are in progress, ongoing development. You can have the program randomly choose colors for a healing layout, and cast colored runestones and runesigns. In this context, healing is not an instant fix, but refers to the process of becoming whole. Briefly, that is opening to new ideas and expanding consciousness, especially color consciousness. In 2015 a similar MCS Message Generator arose from channeling Metor Crater Spirit. It is a radically different generator.
Note: In 2006 I developed Flash versions of the previous HyperCard and SuperCard layouts. Most recent is the EIEnor in June, 2013, which likely won't ever be fully integrated into Previous was the Color Healing Generator - EIE circular. It is a round view of the following layouts, with different names for the top and bottom nodes. In December, 1998, I began using a new color layout. It looks different, but is based on the same principles as the earlier layout shown here. The nodes are pentagons, not arcs. And you see it from the inside -- viewed as a QuickTime Virtual Reality (QTVR) movie. See a color healing.

When I create a new healing, the program asks for a name. For the one shown here, I input, ``WebVisitor,'' that is, you. I gave the same name for the rune casting. Here is the healing. The afterimage is flipped to the right.

The background sets the overall tone. The deep blue reminds me of ocean, sky, scattered sunlight, our planet seen from space. Blue energizes from beyond.

Rainbow colors are here (except orange), speaking to wholeness. But all colors are tinged with blue, speaking to your intuition. Several colors are aqua, the watery aspect of our birth and our dreams. Here we are guided to see subtle differences. The five blue pentagons are intermediate in value, which increases the perception that the blue ground is deepening.

The grey is close in value to the background, but pulses to a different heartbeat than the growing green or rosy red. Grey at first seems lacking and sad or sober. It is either unknown or something to change. Here it is the heart and the right brain source of creative imagery that lacks an output. Why heart? Each node has a character with two aspects, explained under layout, which has all the details. For my interpretation of the meaning of the rune casting in this healing, see the runestory. See runes for a general chart of runesigns that I use. See the color look-up table for the CLUT used in these healings.


Each morning I do yoga exercises followed by meditation while looking at the day's color healing. A breakthrough act of the imagination came today, (2/24/97). I pondered the image of Gaia's nervous system as highways, wires, and broadcast waves ever growing over earth. Seeing how these paths link our minds into an earth brain has been seen before by many seers. Suddenly I felt I wanted to meditate while wired, while looking at the color healing on a server, where others could do the same. In meditation, time can be free and elastic, so whenever you meditate on this image, even if it is 3001, we still can connect. Hope to meet you in meditation on the Net! You might want to simply attune. Or you could gaze at an altar. Another alternative is to create a fresh webcast healing--read on.

Your own color healing

In 2005, I began development of an interactive version of the program for the web in Macromedia Flash. See the latest version here. Previously I started one on the Macintosh using the free Roadster (later SuperCard) plug-in for a web browser, but that failed.

The idea is to open up possibilities such as:

Try the EIEnor version. Try the latest MCS mrune cast.

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