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The color weather program is an ongoing project. It is a color healing cyberspace work-in- progress since 1990. The first version was called to Tim, after Tim McFadden. He is the software engineer that took me to Autodesk to see Randy Walser and put on gear for my first experience of virtual reality. Tim told me about William Gibson's Neuromancer, Rudy Rucker, and others. I gave Tim feedback on his paper for presentation at a cyberspace convention. The paper was eventually published in the book, Cyberspace, First Steps.

At the time I had started a SuperCard software project for color healing based on a dream. The dream was a bookcase. There were 20 books, each one containing four color diamonds on a colored ground. The Dreambooks project gives you freedom to create color layouts with random or your own selections.

I saw cyberspace as a setting for dreams, based on a mindspace, but more. to Tim puts the dreambook color nodes into a left brain, right brain, corpus callosum, and pineal gland scenario.

As my inner world expanded, the program got more elements and the shapes and names changed. In 2006 there are 14 basic elements. In 1997, there were 12 basic elements. However, they include the originals from to Tim.

2013 EINnor Note: In 2013 the geometry of basic structure of expanded consciousness changed, so there's a new healing layout for the generator. Pages need to be updated, which is in progress.

color EIE circularIn 2006 I published another color layout using an EIE layout that is circular and shows all nodes. It is interactive. flat dodecahedron In December, 1998, I began using a new color layout. It looks different, but is based on the same principles as the earlier layout shown here. The nodes are pentagons, not arcs. And you see it from the inside -- viewed as a QuickTime Virtual Reality (QTVR) movie. See the basic elements on geometry pages.

Here are two graphics showing the layout in rainbow colors. The first is most recent. For more information about the twelve colors, see Journal notes 1.

Color healing layout Previous  layout

The journal notes have a diagram showing the opposites on the color wheel in the layout.

Color Weather program

See what is happening with the color weather program.
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