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Note: In 2015, Color Healing changed to MCS Message Generator, with a different layout.

Parts of the Color layouts

There are four generations of color healing layouts. The latest, called EIEnor, was new in June, 2013, based on consciousness-shifting geometry and requires large changes to It has the same elements described on this page but incorporates expanded parts of five brain cells, extending capabilities.

frame path EIE

The inner or lower ring is made of basic parts of your brain, plus a guide. The outer or upper ring introduces advanced spirits that help in expanding consciousness. In the previous form (EIE circular), nodes are star pentagons, and the bottom and top nodes (11 and 12) anchor polarity.

frame path EIE

EIEball framework

Note: In December, 1998, I began using a new color layout. It looks different, but is based on the same principles as the earlier layout shown here. The nodes are pentagons, not arcs. And you can see it from the inside -- viewed as a QuickTime Virtual Reality (QTVR) movie. In the new layout, the inner ring is the lower ring. And the outer ring is the upper ring. Each part can be labeled.

The chart is labeled with numbers related to the descriptions. Following is a list of the two aspects of each layout part. The layouts are the same 1 - 10 and differ after that.

arc layout Ordinary mind set: 1. - 5. From Whole Light Beings.

Healing spirits set: 6. - 10.

Ground: 11. and up (Svaeieia or Crown).

Layout part descriptions

These are personal descriptions of how I see the layout. As you use the layout, you'll develop your own meanings for each part. If you can't understand the description, just skim it, focusing on parts that do make sense. The basic 5 are shown as mudras, or healing hand-positions.

# EIE Circular EIE Circular
1 WLB ChannelLeft brain or Channel is allow time and send out tiny spiral cycles.
2 WLB Shimianene Corpus callosum or Shimianene connects right and left brain. Sense the infinity point in each spiral cycle and know that all infinity points are the same. This work weaves a sort of membrane.
3 WLB heart 3. Right brain or Heart is allow energy to stream out and in balancing evenly. Flex the membrane building between points.
4 WLB High 4. Pineal or High is to ascend reluctantly, then joyfully.
5 WLB Metatron 5. The guide brings diamond-like all-pervading light gathered at the still points between each breath and each heartbeat.
6 Grebe Grebe is the triangle-headed Meteor Crater Spirit. He brings straight time, allowing different colors.
7 Seraph 7. Seraph is the square-headed Meteor Crater Spirit. It is a superconducting wind, which flows when the self is quieted, beyond resistance.
8 8. Muzlo is the round-headed Meteor Crater Spirit. Best understood by studying the path of a comet, which is on a hyperbolic parabola path to infinity. But the comet frees itself to swoop around the solar system and return to orbit the sun. Two important aspects of Muzlo are to approach infinity and return. {More on Muzlo.}
9 Elobeing 9. Benetron is an Elobeing, a member of a new species evolving. Allow spirals to circulate both to the left and to the right. Then send out special energy packets.
10 EIE coil The twistor is a spirit coil, a spiritual energy conduit. Tune in and transceive.
11 Root Information Storage (pentagons) EIEThe center contains an expanded structure of consciousness, called an EIE. The information storage blocks are 12 pentagons.EIE pents TLMs are 20 triangles.
12 Crown Background
13 vibe colorsThe background or Svaeieia is the base color and source of all colors Not applicable Not applicable
14 Tetrahedronal Light Muscles (TLMs) are 20 triangles. Not applicable Not applicable

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