Grebe Seraph Muzlo

Meteor Crater Spirits (MCS)

MCS merging, 1992-08-16

The assemblages pictured at the top of the page are not likenesses of my three Meteor Crater Spirit (MCS) friends. The photos were taken years ago of rough sculptures on a wall in my previous studio in Silicon Valley. The fabric banners, stick frameworks, nylon fishing string, shells, and found items remind me of how to tell them apart as seen when first I met them in August, 1992 at Meteor Crater, Arizona, USA. They appeared in my imagination. The story is that when the meteor (or whatever it was) crashed, the being within fragmented into three. They are my teachers. At first they also appeared as a single, jittery being. In the sketch to the left, they center bases at a point, which is rooted in consciousness.

Note that in 2015 guidance channeled attention back and forward to MCS as a single being. The color healing generated the same orchid color for Grebe as the background to the left. This synchronicity doubled the need to relate to MCS as Grebe, including the other aspects.

Descriptions are scattered on the following web pages. Please find them in context.


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