Elobeing design -- description of 1st memory beads, prenatal

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These pages are to give flight to your imagination. This one briefly describes the first 44 memory beads of an Elobeing. Memories exist in the Akashic Record. Memory beads are access markers kept by the being.

01. be Contrast to "I, identity" of prenatal, no need for self-consciousness.

02. bliss Contrast to "Like", in joy level or joy dimensions.

03. breathe State or way of being. Not I vs. "it".

04. in Contrast to "here", as perception of external.

05. wing Contrast to an object-oriented "what".

06. tip-> Definition of direction of flyability, contrast to separate "is".

07. <-tip Complementary direction of flyability, giving dimension to wing. (Get the sense of a baloon inflated, oneness of 5,6,7 as the prenatal is too.)

08. keep Start of a series with 9, 10, and 11. A kind of containing or ability to do. Contrast to time question of prenatal, "when".

09. light Stuff in itself. Contrast to prenatal consciousness of light as defined by and inseparable from dark (#31 bead). Also light is earlier bead for prenatal Elobeing.

10. within Place (verb and noun). How is this different from in? It is quantity perception of more in than 4, or incrementing in, adding to in.

11. being How is this different from be. Isness as a way of acting, existing. Is a different sense of a noun and verb. Consider this, "light is within my action of existence by my effort of intention". Contrast to the prenatal series of sensing exterior objectivity "come".

12. wind Elobe moves like a wind, is like MCS, is a wind-being. Contrast to "how", actually is a how of the Elobeing, how is being, kind of question, rather than describing external perception.

13. separate Is able to discriminate. Contrast to prenatal human "will", needing time separateness. Also is a creative act of separating.

14. drops Part of Elobe world. Contrast to "Its". (Comes from the hieloheal drop and the drops in the shower, probably also prana, don't know root, maybe this is it.)

15. breath-light Realization of synergy of breathe, light, wing, wind, drops.

16. flock-flying Awareness of actual flight, not just ability, sense of integration of parts. Contrast this sophistication to prenatal humanfirst sense of "in".

17. dance Introduce intention and variation to the flight. Also may be expression of and recognition of music.

18. expand

19. contract

20. maintain

21. downwind

22. upwind

23. blowing-changes All of these (18-23) are awarenesses of the dance, shower, wind-iness of being.

24. instantiate Ability to be more than virtual description of actions. A development of separateness. Looks like particular instances are under creative control.

25. attention Kind of consciousness.

26. paying Awareness of economies (Came with attention, 25)

27. focus-resolve Modifies attention.

28. color diff Start of color awareness. Note that this is not reflected or refracted light color humans have identified. This is color of being. Although it can have analogies with our color, we definitely don't know what we're missing.

29. indrop-between Awareness of the aura of the drop and the orb of the drop, but what is between the difference. Knowing this in a sense prevents the gulf between separate Focal differences.

30. greet beyond As instantiation, recognizes potential of other instantiation, as beyond. Recognition in form of greeting is so positive and consciousness-assuming. Certainly is difficult for humans to do!

31. love-transfer Does recognizing as "greetable" trigger love? From beyond even?

32. extra dimensioning Ability to configure parts to be in more than one dimension at a time.

33. tip->twist Awareness of the spiral.

34. tip<-twist Awareness of the opposing spiral.

35. measure rel. Relative measure, a special case of economies.

36. color quantity Extent

37. color quality All we know as hue, value, saturation. Answers the question, what's it like?

38. color generation A way of being.

39. color gifting Can present color to beyond.

40. color exchange Special case of love transfer. Is information and more.

41. awe Inherent spiritual reverence. This recognition of holiness allows one to become a healer.

42. healing care With all due respect, this creative joyous bliss is for sharing and caring. Is part of basic setup for an Elobeing.

43. internal speed Special case of economies and measuring with ability to monitor and control varying internal speeds.

44. inner balance Dynamic internal equilibrium.

See next set, Elobeing memory beads 45-88.

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