Sandra color healing interpretation -- Feb 17 1999

The runes are about the point and blue NRG. The background is XWC, chaos winds of change. The story is about Muzlo and the comet teaching and getting to the point of the blue energy in the XWC setting. Focus on the intuition you get when you look for the light, the highest inspiration, and bring it back home. Something about a car, outside the passenger side door or right side door near fender. Clear horizon but storm clouds overhead and sleeping earth in dark. Draw energy from all over your body. Try to see like a blind and deaf person, be aware with all your cells. Not above, not below, in this membrane of life. Then glow it. Cells photosynthesizing love glow into the web.

Muzlo is one of the Meteor Crater Spirits. When the meteor (or whatever it was crashed), the being within fragmented into three. They are my teachers. Muzlo teaches through inspiration from the orbit of a comet. The comet follows a hyperbolic paraboloid path as it nears the sun. That is, it curves closer and closer to infinity, but does not reach it. Then, to orbit out and back around again, the comet follows an eliptical path. This teaching is a metaphor for how we seek light and enlightenment and get as close as we can to the infinite. But no matter how far out we go, as earth creatures, we need to circle back again to be grounded in earth.

The magenta color of the stone is the completer from beyond the ends of the electromagnetic spectrum. It is between the most ultraviolet blue end of short vibrations and the long vibrations of the infrared end.

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